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Mongoose - most easy to use Web Server on the planet

Download, double-click to start -- that's all!     [ full tutorial ]

Download Mongoose Free Edition

  • Stable and mature: over 1 million downloads since 2004
  • Cross-platform: works on Mac, Windows, UNIX/Linux
  • No installation or configuration required: runs in one click
  • IP-based ACL (deny access to certain IP addresses)
  • File blacklist (hide certain files from serving)
  • Resumed download support
  • Custom error pages
  • 1 week free trial of all Pro features

Download Mongoose Pro Edition

  • All features of the free edition, plus:
  • CGI (ability to run sites written in PHP, Ruby or any other scripting language)
  • Server Side Includes (include one HTML page into another)
  • WebDAV (attach shared directory as a remote drive)
  • Pre-packaged, ready-to-go Mongoose + PHP bundle for Windows (start PHP project in seconds)
  • Life-time software updates


Mongoose Web Server is for personal use only, per EULA. Distribution of personal Mongoose Web Server is prohibited.
Distribution for commercial or educational purposes can be granted, please contact us for details.