We are pleased to release a most recent Case Study on Mongoose Web Server Library enabling a connectivity and remote access for Mirion Technologies "Lynx" - Spectroscopic Digital Signal Analyzer.

Headquartered in Atlanta (USA), Mirion Technologies Inc. employs over 2,500 people and operates in 13 countries. Mirion Technologies is a leading provider of detection, measurement, analysis and monitoring solutions to the nuclear, defense, medical and research end markets. The organization aims to harness its unrivaled knowledge of ionizing radiation for the greater good of humanity. Many of the company's end markets are characterized by the need to meet rigorous regulatory standards, design qualifications and operating requirements.

Here is what Troy Anderson, Senior Chief Architect, Mirion Technologies, Inc. says about Mongoose Web Server Library:

"Mongoose Library is extremely easy to use on multiple platforms. The performance, efficiency, compactness and ease of embedding into existing applications is appreciated, the code is easy to understand, debug and maintain.

Our legacy application that was rewritten runs 10 times faster, even on older platforms and supports modern communication protocols like WebSockets.”

Read a full Mirion Technologies Case Study here.

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