Cesanta is pleased to announce a Beta release of the Interactive UI Builder - a no-code learning bootstrap Web UI builder tool.

Mongoose Web Server and Networking Library turns a software product, a device or appliance into a web server, accessible by a browser, and is frequently used to enable a Web UI Interface.

Among our customer base one of the most common use cases is to use Mongoose Library to add a Web-accessible control panel for a device.

Working with many enterprises we have noticed several common patterns:

  • Almost every device manufacturer is implementing a Web UI.
  • Usually a customer’s developer has to do it by himself from scratch and this is mostly a manual process of building UI using HTML and JS.
  • Embedded engineers working on the firmware for their product are usually tasked to build an initial Web UI, but this is not their core skill so it takes significant effort and consumes a great amount of time.

In order to help our customers to improve the developer experience and launch their products to the market faster, we have created a no-code Interactive UI builder tool based on the Mongoose Web Server and Networking Library.

Interactive UI Builder - is a no-code learning bootstrap Web UI builder tool.

Among its benefits are:

  • Ready to go bootstrap,
  • Drag & Drop (no-code),
  • Bindings with the C code of Mongoose Library,
  • Quickly put together and download a project with bootstrapped UI.

It is very easy to start and build Web UI for your product with our Interactive UI Builder.

Try it yourself and send us a message or ask on the developer forum.