Mongoose Networking Library 6.7 released

Cesanta has released the next version of Mongoose Networking Library. The highlights of this release are:

New hardware platforms supported:

  • Windows CE 6.0: See example,
  • TI Tiva TM4C129: See example,
  • PIC32 Harmony TCP/IP: In addition to "bare metal", Mongoose is now able to use PIC32 Harmony TCP/IP Stack. See example,
  • nRF 51/52: Find example for nRF 51 here and for nRF52 here,
  • mbed: Mongoose is now can be a part of a project based on mbed. Checkout example here, = ESP32: Mongoose 6.7 can be compiled for ESP32 platform.

Other new features including:

  • NXP Kinetis K64 support improved: New example is here,
  • mbedTLS native support: In addition to OpenSSL, Mongoose 6.7 can use mbedTLS,
  • SNTP client added: Mongoose 6.7 for working with Internet time servers.

Contact us if any questions.