Dublin, February 8th, 2018 — Cesanta today announced release of Mongoose Embedded Web Server Library v.6.11.

Changes include:

  • SSL/TLS listener fix for TI SimpleLink networking interface
  • Fix socket leak when there are too many open file descriptors
  • Fix publish-subscribe example
  • Fix mg_parse_multipart in case of malformed request
  • Websocket: Respond to Ping with Pong
  • Websocket: Properly close a connection with Close frame (in response to a client's close and when protocol failure is detected)
  • Websocket: Fix support of fragmented messages
  • Websocket: Add support for control frames interjected in the middle of a fragmented message
  • Digest authentication: Fix nonce validity check (expired nonce or nonce from the future did not cause the the check to fail)
  • Digest authentication: Fix nonce request value; it worked before because nonce validity check was broken as well
  • Digest authentication: Add nonce argument to mg_http_create_digest_auth_header(): clients should use the value received from the server's authentication request.
  • Fail if passed a NULL handler to mg_bind or mg_bind_opt.
  • Publish sources and tests
  • Remove tunneling functionality which was used by nobody
  • Add UDP client example
  • Don't use user_data in mqtt server
  • Deprecate mg_http_parse_header() and implement mg_http_parse_header2() instead, which allocates a new buffer if the client-provided one is not large enough (similarly to asprintf).
  • Fix limitations of header value lengths, e.g. when parsing authentication headers such as nonce, etc.

To contact: send us a message or ask on the developer forum.