Dublin, October 12th, 2023 — Cesanta today announced release of Mongoose Embedded Web Server Library v.7.12.

Release Overview:

This release includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and additional examples.

Important Changes:

  • Added examples for multiple ST, NXP, and Microchip development boards
  • Added SAME54 driver
  • Improved Mongoose built-in TCP/IP stack
  • Added support for session tickets in TLS connections; the TLS API has minor changes
  • The base64 API has changed
  • Removed MG_EV_HTTP_CHUNK

Minor changes:

  • Improved iMXRT1020 driver
  • Added MbedTLS support for some embedded examples
  • Continued renaming examples to a standard naming scheme
  • Deprecated the back-to-back socket pipe mg_mkpipe()
  • Improved handling and parsing of JSON arrays
  • Added experimental support for OTA updates
  • Increased test coverage

To contact: send us a message or ask on the developer forum.