Mongoose Web Server version 6.9 released

API changes:

  • MGENABLECALLBACKUSERDATA - if set, changes signature of event handler function to include userdata argument. Disabled by default for now, in the future this will become the default.
  • mgsetnameserver() - specify DNS server to use
  • mgassembleuri() - assemble a URI from parts
  • mgconnectws() now accepts http:// URLs

Bug fixes:

  • Fix parsing of MQTT QoS > 0 PUBLISH messages
  • Properly shut down the SSL connection (send "close notify" TLS message)
  • Fix mggethttp_var() return value
  • Fix MQTT handshake; change client protocol to version 3.1.1
  • Fix Handling of multiple MQTT messages per RECV event
  • Update to make lwipnetif thread-safe
  • Use DhcpNameServer on Windows
  • Fix MQTT message parsing issues
  • Fix DNS name uncompression that could lead to infinite loop
  • Fix WS frame reassembly issues

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