About duagon AG

Duagon’s product and technology portfolio allows their customers to build a complete train communication and control infrastructure. Their solutions for train network communication use MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) and WTB (Wire Train Bus) which are railway specific protocols, the industry protocol CAN (Controller Area Network) and ETH (Ethernet). Their control solutions include integrated devices based on latest computing, advanced I/O and communication technologies. Based in Switzerland, duagon focusses heavily on R&D and employs a specialised team of experts in hardware and software development for railborne vehicles. Their Head of Engineering is Stefan Eberli whose focus is on software development and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design.

Quality and smoothness

“My work day only starts after a good cup of coffee in the morning,” Stefan jokes before going into the detail of his team’s tasks. “After that, my team and I are ready to deliver high-quality products to our customers using state-of-the-art technology. Our expectations are high; any provider we work with has to match quality as well as simplicity when it comes to implementation and integration.” Mongoose Embedded Web Server Library is used in duagon’s Ethernet product family which incorporates an embedded web server. “The need to upgrade arose when we realised that our current solution was simply outdated. It couldn’t scale and it couldn’t adapt to the new features and functions we needed to supply a superior product to our customers,” Stefan explains the need to move to Mongoose. In fact, Stefan had previously worked with an older version of Mongoose developed by Sergey Lyubka, Cesanta’s CTO. The familiarity with the product and the fact that Mongoose continuously updates it features to match current demand made Stefan’s decision straightforward. The goal for this project was clear: a more flexible homepage with a more modern design for duagon’s embedded products. From a technical perspective some of the key features Stefan and his team were looking for in an embedded web server included:
  • HTTP 1.1 support with keep-alive
  • Ability to handle multiple connections
  • Authentication (both basic and digest)
  • Compatibility with eCos to handle a very low limit of open file descriptors

Really "no big deal"

“The implementation of Mongoose was really no big deal. And now we have a web server platform that is much easier to maintain and to add new features to than before.” It’s the simplicity that Stefan describes that makes integrating with Mongoose run smoothly. Naturally, this speeds up the project as a whole saving engineering time and cutting time to market time. Along the way, the Cesanta team is here to help. If you avail of our support option, just like the duagon team did, you can rely on your technical questions being answered and a developing partnership with our engineering team.