About TFG Financial Systems

TFG Financial Systems provides cloud based software as a service in the fintech space. Their platform assists clients in the hedge fund, asset management and banking arena to manage cross-asset portfolios and real-time risk management. Their solutions have to be at the latest standards, especially when it comes to security and cannot afford latency. Any third party provider to TFG Financial Systems needs to adhere to the same ideal. When TFG Financial Systems approached Cesanta looking for a solution for a system streaming pricing interest rates, Mongoose’s WebSocket functionality fit their needs.

Displaying real-time data using HTML5

Alan Teoh, who was the main software developer on this project, explains the background: “We had a client requirement to build a HTML5 application displaying real-time data from our server.” The goal of demonstrating how it is possible to display real-time data via their framework using HTML5 could be achieved using Mongoose WebSocket in the backend. In addition to WebSocket, Mongoose’s digest authentication functionality was sought out to cover vital security needs.

Implementing the solution

“We needed something which was compatible and could be easily integrated with our code base which is mainly in C++,” Alan tells us about the initial challenge faced when comparing solutions. Mongoose is written in C and could rise to the occasion. “Aside from it being written in C, Mongoose is lightweight and easy to use. We really appreciated that there are plenty of examples that help you to get started quickly,” Alan refers to the examples available on GitHub and the product documentation available to get to work fast. We asked Alan to sum up the integration experience: “Integrating Mongoose Embedded Web Server into our framework was straightforward; it’s written in C and our code base is in C++. It meant that having Mongoose on our system was as simple as including the files into our code project.”

Mongoose remains agile

Alan and his team were able to build a HTML5 application which delivered real-time data through a WebSocket using Mongoose. During the implementation phase a few questions came up: “Mongoose support were helpful and swift; on one occasion they made a change to their library shortly after receiving feedback on the digest authentication mechanism.” Thank you for this feedback Alan! Although we can’t guarantee that we will always react that fast, we do always listen to suggestion and feedback. In fact, we encourage developers to share their thoughts on our Forum. Our roadmap plans for a Mongoose Embedded Web Server release each quarter. This means, our solution remains up-to-date with latest standards and user requests.