License types

Non Commercial Project

All non commercial projects can be run using our open source code under GPLv2 licensing. As long as your project remains in this category there is no charge.


If you are working on a prototype that may lead to a commercial product, you can start off using the Open Source Code under GPLv2 for free. However, once the project is commercialised, you need to change to a Commercial license.

Commercial Application

Once your end device or application is commercial you need to either open the source code of your end product completely to continue using Mongoose Library free of charge under GPLv2 license or alternatively purchase a Commercial license. Keep reading to find out more about commercial licensing.

If you are unsure which type of license is right for you, contact us to discuss.

Mongoose Embedded Web Server Library Commercial License Benefits

  • The right to develop and modify the software to embed in your own products
  • Ability to redistribute your products with Mongoose Library included
  • Option to access Software Maintenance & Support for updates, upgrades and technical support
Our license model is simple and includes full access to source code and accompanying documentation. If your needs require a custom license, we’d be happy to work on a solution with you.

Commercial License Options

Our license model is built around our customers and their specific needs. It is divided into 3 options:

One Product License

This license covers only one product type commercially positioned and sold to the end customers and modifications of this product in the future

Product Family License

This license covers a group of related products commercially positioned and sold to the end customers with similar functionality and united under one product line

Custom Field License

Custom license for your business across product lines. This model allows us to be flexible and value-driven towards your integration project. Simply let us know the details of your project, and we will provide the most effective license option for you.

Non Compliance and License Incompatibilities

Integrating Cesanta's software in a commercial product without fully releasing your source code or purchasing a commercial license can have legal ramifications. You agree to the terms under GPLv2 as you integrate our source code.

Incompatibilities, through taking different components of different sources and ignoring any license restrictions, can result in the software pieces you choose not to be permitted to be used in a single product.