How do I get support?

GPLv2 License

Commercial License

  • Access to priority technical support with SLA
  • Access to software maintenance for updates & security patches
  • Access to the consulting services, which provides 1:1 interaction with our engineering team

What do I get in Commercial Support that I don’t get on the forum?

How do I access Commercial Support?

Please refer to the 'Technical Support Agreement' section of your License Agreement for the reporting procedures and escalation process.
When contacting support, please include your license agreement details, issue details and steps taken to identify it.

What is Software Maintenance?

Mongoose updates are released every quarter. These can include new functionality, security updates and bug fixes.
When you purchase a commercial license, it is set for the edition available at time of purchase (e.g. version 7.2). If you want to update to avail of any new functionality, Software Maintenance ensures that you can upgrade every time a new version is available.
Software Maintenance is highly recommended to stay abreast of the changing security environment.