Mongoose downloads, last 2 weeks

Who We Are

We are a technology company that values simplicity, quality and responsibility. We believe that communication should be ubiquitous and effortless.

What We Do

Cesanta Software develops cutting edge communication technology: Mongoose -- a premier HTTP/Websocket server, scalable client/server framework, and more.

What Our Customers Say

Nothing overdone. Nothing less. So unbelievably easy to use. Just how good software should be!

— Pritin Tyagaraj, SAP

I've been reading through the source code quite a bit and it's really top-notch stuff.
My compliments on such fine work.

— F.Bulback, lead developer, CoreTrack Inc

We have been extremely pleased with Mongoose web server code
and Cesanta's level of support and assistance provided.

— N.Shaw, CTO, Lavasoft

Just googled what the best windows web server is.
Mongoose is the answer apparently.

— Anonymous

Mongoose - easiest file sharing client in the home network.

— Anonymous