We are pleased to release a most recent Case Study on Mongoose Web Server Library enabling a secure communication and API for the range of subsea acoustic positioning systems.

iXBlue S.A.S. is a global high-tech company specialising in the design and manufacturing of advanced marine, photonics and autonomy technologies. It is based in France and since 1998 delivering cutting-edge technologies from the oceans'​ depths to outer space.

Here is what Sébastien Goyet, Software Developer at iXBlue S.A.S. says about Mongoose Web Server Library: "Mongoose Web Server Library is really easy to evaluate (only 2 files to integrate) and is shipped with many examples. We did not experience any issues, with Mongoose everything works reliably. What we really appreciate is the ease of use and configuration. Really quickly we had a web server we can easily customize to make communication with our embedded system."

Read a full iXBlue S.A.S. Case Study here.

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