Everything you need to connect
your product online

From embedded web server to IoT framework and cloud

Whether you are looking for an embedded web server or interested in connecting your application or device online, you came to the right place. Cesanta has products to cover all your networking and connectivity needs


Mongoose Web Server

open source embedded HTTP/Websocket/MQTT library for C/C++

  • Over 10,000 stars on the GitHub
  • More than 20 years on the market
  • Deployed to hundreds of millions devices worldwide
  • Trusted by hundreds of companies: Siemens, Schneider Electric, Broadcom, Samsung, Bosch, Google, Caterpillar
  • Secure: used by NASA aboard the International Space Station
learn more on mongoose web server webpage

Mongoose OS

an IoT firmware development framework

  • Powers commercial products since 2014
  • Integrated in millions devices in production environments
  • Trusted, field tested, proven performance
  • AWS, Google, Azure, IBM Watson support
  • Reliable OTA updates
learn more on mongoose os webpage


managed IoT Cloud

  • Over-The-Air Updates
  • Device management
  • Built-in database
  • Access control
  • Web/Mobile App
learn more on mdash webpage


MCU module with built-in OTA and management dashboard

  • Over-The-Air Updates
  • Immediately deployable MCU module, connected and upgradable
  • Ready-to-go management dashboard
  • Never have bricked devices in the field
  • OTA update your products remotely anytime
learn more on vcon webpage

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