We are pleased to release a most recent Case Study on Mongoose Web Server Library being integrated into the “Aloha Browser” - a private fast browser with VPN by Aloha Mobile Ltd.

Aloha Mobile Ltd. is based in Limassol, Cyprus and is on a mission to keep users safe, and make their web browsing experience as private as they want it to be.

Aloha Browser is a web browser developed by Aloha Mobile and used by hundreds of millions users globally.

Here is what Alex Alashkin, CTO at Aloha Mobile says about Mongoose Web Server Library: "Mongoose Library provides a simple yet powerful API and can be easily customized to a specific use with standard C ways. As a result, it is a really easy way to add networking features in your applications, no matter what your target platform is."

Read a full Aloha Mobile Case Study here.

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