We are pleased to release a most recent Case Study on Mongoose Web Server Library being integrated in the "Secure Smart Grid Hub" - a highly secure smart meter communication gateway for modern measuring systems by EFR GmbH.

EFR GmbH is a systems provider for utilities companies based in Germany. It offers the long-wave services for: Energy Management, Lighting control, Feed-in management, Smart Grid services, Data services.

Since 1995 EFR GmbH long-wave transmitters offer a nationwide solution, cost-effective and independent of individual power supply networks. Over one million radio receivers in Germany are controlled from the EFR GmbH transmitters.

Here is what Kristóf Havasi, Development Team Leader at EFR GmbH says about Mongoose Web Server Library: "Mongoose is a high-quality library, which helped us out several times with its flexible API and numerous features. If we encounter a bug, I tend to push my developers to check in our own business logic, because Mongoose has proven to do reliably the tasks which it claims to do."

Read a full EFR GmbH Case Study here.

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